Peerplays NEX

The Peerplays NEX is similar to DEX with which user can:
  • use it as a wallet to manage your assets.
  • monitoring the market activity of any trading pair.
  • swap assets using the Peerplays PPY.
  • cast votes and participate in blockchain governance.
  • manage your Peerplays account.
  • register your Bitcoin and Hive accounts to send and receive BTC and HIVE.

Peerplays account

The user has to login to NEX to manage the Peerplays account. The user can monitor the activities such as sell/buy asset, order history, profile setting, voting in their account.

Peerplays wallet

There is a in-built wallet for each account through which the user can trade the asset, receive asset from BTC/HIVE and also maintaining the ownership.

Asset swapping

From the Peerplays account, using PPY asset swapping can be done at ease. The swapping mechanism is simple and quick compared with the traditional order book exchange. The exchange rate is calculated based on the available supply of each asset rather than set by traders seeking the best price.

GPOS - Voting

Transfer the PPY to GPOS balance to participate in the voting for best witnesses, advisor, SONS, and proposals. To increase the participation rewards, the user has to transfer more PPY into GPOS balance and share Peerplays with others. Peerplays remains the most secure provably fair blockchain across the globe with Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC).
Using Powerup, the user can participate in the DAC with which the user can become a big part globally, earn participant rewards, stake PPY while participating, bragging rights, and helps secure Peerplays Blockchain.