GPOS Panel

The GPOS Panel

The home page of the wallet now includes a panel to display your GPOS status.

The features of the panel are:

GPOS Balance

This is the total amount of PPY that has been vested. In the above example the amount is zero which is reflected in the Voting Performance as well.

Voting Performance

Voting performance is calculated based on the last time you voted for either Witnesses, Advisors or Proxies. The text and colour of the caption indicates your performance according to the following table:

Reward %




No rewards

Dark Red

1- 16.68

Critical low


16.69 - 33.33

Lower rewards


33.34 - 50

Low rewards


50.01 - 66.66

OK rewards


66.67 - 83.33

Good rewards

Dark Green

83.34 < 100

Great rewards



Max rewards

Same colour as

other captions

Get Started

Clicking on the GET STARTED button will begin the GPOS vesting process.

If you have a zero GPOS balance, which will always be the case if this is the first time you are using it, the button text will be Get Started. However, the text on the button will change to PATICIPATE once a balance is vested. See Power Up


As mentioned, this option is only available once you have a GPOS balance.

Clicking on PARTICIPATE will take you to the GPOS Landing Page as before, except this time both the Power Down and Vote buttons will be enabled.

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