NFT command reference

Step: 1 Create Metadata

Command used : nft_metadata_create <<account_name>> <<metadata_name>> <<metadata_symbol>> <<base_uri>> true true true

For example : nft_metadata_create account01 sknft sknft sknft null null true true true

Step:2 Update Metadata

Command used : nft_metadata_update <<account_name>> <<metadata_id>> <<new_name>> <<new_symbol>> <<new_base_uri>> null null true true true

For Example :nft_metadata_update account01 1.30.1 sknft01 sknft01 sknft01 null null true true true

Step: 3 Create NFT

Command used : nft_create <<account_name>> <<metadata_id>> <<Owner_account_name>> <<approve_aacount_name>> <<token_uri>> true

For Example : nft_create account01 1.30.0 account03 account03 sknftmint true

Step:4 Get NFT balance

Command used : nft_get_balance <<account_name>>

For Example : nft_get_balance account01

Step:5 To verify the owner of created NFT

Command used : nft_owner_of <<nft_id>>

For Example : nft_owner_of 1.31.1

Step:6 Safe NFT transfer

Command Used : nft_safe_transfer_from <<Operator_account_name>> <<transfer_from_account_name>> <<transfer_to_account_name>> <<nft_id>> true true

For Example : nft_safe_transfer_from account01 account01 aaccount02 1.31.1 true true

Step: 7 NFT Transfer

Command used : nft_transfer_from <<Operator_account_id>> <<From_account_id>> <<To_account_id>> <<nft_id>> true

For Example : nft_transfer_from 1.2.31 1.2.31 1.2.28 1.31.37 true

Step:8 NFT Approve

Command used : nft_approve <<new_operator_account_id>> <<new_account_id>> <<ndt_id>> true

For Example : nft_approve 1.2.19 1.2.19 1.31.1 true

Step : 9 To approve all NFTs at once

Command used: nft_set_approval_for_all <<Owner_account_id>> <<Operator_account_id>> true true

For example : nft_set_approval_for_all 1.2.21 1.2.21 true true

Step: 10 To see the approved account details

Command used : nft_get_approved <<approve_nft_id>>

For Example: nft_get_approved 1.31.0

Step:11 Approved for all

Command used: nft_is_approved_for_all <<owner_account_id>> <<operator_account_id>>

For Example : nft_is_approved_for_all 1.2.21 1.2.21

Step :12 Get list of all created NFT

Command used : nft_get_all_tokens

With this - all the created NFTs are listed on the machine.

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