Network Broadcast API

The network broadcast API is available from the full node via web-sockets.



Broadcast a transaction to the network.

The transaction will be checked for validity in the local database prior to broadcasting. If it fails to apply locally, an error will be thrown and the transaction will not be broadcast

void graphene::app::network_broadcast_api::broadcast_transaction(
    const precomputable_transaction &trx)
  • trx: The transaction to broadcast


This version of broadcast transaction registers a callback method that will be called when the transaction is included into a block. The callback method includes the transaction id, block number, and transaction number in the block.

void graphene::app::network_broadcast_api::broadcast_transaction_with_callback(
    confirmation_callback cb, 
    const precomputable_transaction &trx)
  • cb: the callback method

  • trx: the transaction



Broadcast a signed block to the network.

void graphene::app::network_broadcast_api::broadcast_block(
    const signed_block &block)
  • block: The signed block to broadcast.

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