Scoped Labels

The scoped labels (ending with ::) are mutually exclusive. Only one of these labels can be assigned at a time to an issue.


  • low

  • medium priority

  • high priority

  • critical priority


  • pending

  • accepted

  • in progress

  • in review

  • in testing

  • completed

  • on hold

  • blocked

  • revision needed


  • bug

  • feature

  • documentation

  • question

  • maintenance

Other Labels

  • duplicate

  • discussion

  • security

Issue Lifecycle

All issues should have a state and type scoped label attached to them. The following is a proposed lifecycle an issue should have:

  1. Pending - Issues that are newly created and haven't been reviewed.

  2. Accepted - Issues that are newly created and have been accepted after review.

  3. In Progress - Issues that are currently being worked on.

  4. In Review - Issues that require a proposed solution to be reviewed.

  5. In Testing - Issues that require a proposed solution to be tested.

  6. Completed - Issues that are closed with a working solution.

This will cover a standard lifecycle of an issue. There are other state labels for issues that are not being worked on:

  • On Hold - Issues that were at least accepted, that should not be worked on at the moment.

  • Blocked - Issues that cannot be worked on due to other factors linked to it.

  • Revision Needed - Issues that need to be revised before being accepted.


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